Alexander Skembris from Corfu, Greece is the main mind behind the projects of Dj Django Music. Eight projects that cover all bpm range from downtempo/psychill to pure psytrance vibes and forest psychedelic tribal beats.In the year 2012 Alexander made his debut appearance to the dancefloors. After the release of several demos, radio shows (Dragonfly Radio, Midiradio) and performances to cities around Greece (Athens, Preveza, Thessalonike) he started becoming well-known to the audience for his unique sounds and ideas. During 2013-14 and in collaboration with artists like Micky Noise, Har-el Prusky (California Sunshine/Adrenalin Drum/Double Polarity), Bamboo Forest, Jirah, Blazing Noise, Fobi, Drollkoppz and many more super-talented musicians, Dj Django released four (4) FREE download compilations (one double VA plus two (2) more ) through his personal label Fantastic 5 Records. All these FREE compilation releases contain top-notch and rare tracks that attach to them a remarkable collector's value.

DJ Django is the main mind behind the following projects:

1. D.p.P (Digital Pseye Poetry) _[Psytrance (128 and 160 bpm)]
2. Phoenix Dubfire _[Psychill]
3.Koera Noera _[Forest / hi-tech Psyrance]
4.PsadA _[Psytrance (140-148bpm)]
5.Dolby Caramel _[Progressive Psytrance]
6.Incognito Dancers _[Psychedelic/Experimental]
7.G.O.A Monks_[Psychedelic Trance]
8.Moon Temple Groovers _[Downtempo]

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dj Django - An Hour in Django Desert (summer mix 2015)

Click Here: An Hour in Django Desert

Promo Set summer 2015
1.Dolby Caramel - Endless (old radio mix)
2.Dolby Caramel - Bass Wings _07:00
3.Dolby Caramel - Big Dipper _15:20
4.PsadA - Earth _22:39
5.PsadA - Cecilia's Dream _30:44
6.Incognito Dancers - Radio Travelers _37:30
7.G.O.A Monks - City Vibes _44:50
8.G.O.A Monks - Future Breeze _53:06

-All tracks written and produced by Dj Django.
-Mix arranged and mastered @ Mushlight Studios, Greece.
*Dolby Caramel and G.O.A Monks tracks ©copyrighted by: Infinity-Tunes records.
**Tracks 4,5 and 6 taken from upcoming album releases of Dj Django music projects.

℗ Dj Django Music.
© 2015 Mushlight Studios, Greece. All rights reserved.

Friday, March 13, 2015

[Official] Moon Temple Groovers - Railway To Utopia

The 1st track recorded from the debut album 'Moon Temple Groovers - Moments'.
Artwork by: GeminiArt Lab.

© Ohmspike Records 2015, all rights reserved.

Monday, February 9, 2015

VA - Liquid Space Distortion

Multi-genre FREE Download Compilation 

Link: Here

VA - Liquid Space Distortion, compiled by Dj Django.

01-Micky Noise - Maya In Dub
02-Statmatica -We Are 1 Psy Nation
03-Drollkoppz - Reunion
04-Dual Effect - The Physical Freedom
05-Dolby Caramel - Firebird
06-Bamboo Forest - A Sub Story
07-Micky Noise - Maya Doomsday (2012 mix)
08-Adrenalin Drum - Mountain
09-Adrenalin Drum - In The Pool
10-D.p.P - Psytrance (128 BPM)
11-Galax - F Cero
12-Ghebro - On Acid
13-Ghebro - Overload
14-Looney - Alphadog
15-Atomental - Spoke Madness
16-Pffgoa - Liquid Dynamite Master
17-Psytuga - Insanity
18-Psytuga - Por Tutatis
19-Necroillusion - Thirteen
20-Zoomorfos -Dinner In Hell
21-Peace Data - Alien Resonator (Version II)
22-Looney - Roll and Roll
23-PsadA - The Mushfire Room
24-Adrenalin Drum - Lunar Eclipse
25-Adrenalin Drum - Beezelbub
26-Moon Temple Groovers - Astral Park

© Fantastic 5 Records 2013-2015
''This compilation is for digital free download only, you don't have my permission to sell it, reproduce it in any hard form 
like vinyl or cd with the purpose to sell it or collect any royalties. Contact me for any inquires or licences''.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Collector's Box_The EPs

Dj Django Music and Fantastic 5 Records celebrates the first day of 2015 by giving away two (2) EP-albums FREE for Download .

1-D.p.P - Psychedelic Horizon
2-Phoenix Dubfire - The Secret

(Included: mp3/320kbps, WAV 16bits, 44100Hz)

FREE Link: Here

© Dj Django Music 2015, All rights reserved.

Monday, December 29, 2014

PsadA - Psyngels E.P

FREE Download: Here

PsadA is a psytrance project of DJ Django (Alexander Skembris). It began as an idea in 2008 and is active since November 2011. PsadA music can be described as pure psytrance. Tracks vary from 140bpm to 148 bpm. Heavy basslines with dreamy kicks and sharp-edge melodic themes can be found on every track. PsadA is ideal for nighttime hours live acts and also for mindtravelling psytrance mornings in festivals.

Official Facebook Page


-You can check also the following releases:

PsadA - Monty Psythons _E.P
Buy Here
PsadA - Sonic Whispers _E.P
Buy Here

© PsadA 2014, all rights reserved.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dolby Caramel - Infinite Land_E.P by Infinity-Tunes

Infinity-Tunes is proud to present you the new Ep of Dolby Caramel!Alexander Skembris from Greece knows how to work his software and delivers a 2 track Ep, designed to attack the dancefloors of this planet.Alexander began his djing career back in 1998 in some local rock-bars of Corfu island town and it was back then when he discovered his pure love for psychedelic trance music. After a few years in the underground partying scene Alexander decided to give shape to his own vision of creation. Both tracks from this package are a colorful journey through the world of psy-progressive trance and you will feel that from the first moment!The first track takes us to the 'Infinite Land!Comprising positive and energetic music, with combined and spacy bassline, melodic acid elements and a most effective touch of psychedelic influence!In the other hand his second track 'This Is Fairyland' with the polished sounds and effects, the beautifully crafted melodies and the functional grooves,are on such an impressive level that truly makes you feel that (indeed) you have reached the Fairyland! Whatever the Psy-Trance scene has to offer in terms of young new talent, Infinity-Tunes will continue to pick only the finest cherries on the tree!
Grab your copy here:


© Copyright by Infinity-Tunes 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

D.p.P - Psytrance (128bpm)


Bonus Track in the FREE download E.P release 'D.p.P - Psychedelic Horizon' by Dj Django Music and Fantastic 5 Records.

Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Trance
Country: Greece
Release Date: 01/01/2015

*Written and Produced by Alexander S. (Dj Django)
-Mastered by: Dj Django
Artwork and illustrated by: GeminiArt Lab

© Digital Pseye Poetry (D.p.P) 2015, all rights reserved.